About Us

Saahiti’s story

Saahiti Rajendran is a young weaver. She is an emerging fiber artist expressing her moods and thoughts through weaving. Saahiti was introduced to the Saori method in her early twenties. Her first class was at Saori Santa Cruz, where she wove her first piece with lots of joy.

Saahiti faces challenges everyday due to her Autism. However, her parents recognized that weaving was therapeutic for her, and allowed her to express her creativity through vibrant colors and unique patterns. Saahiti continued taking these classes every weekend, and was soon able to independently advance her technique to create intricate, captivating fabrics. Saai’s line of products are created with these unique materials. We hope you enjoy them.

our process

Saahiti’s woven pieces are finished in Calcutta, India with the help of Sunjukta Chatterjee of Carry.Essence.